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Soda ash
Grade "A" и "B"

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Grade "A": «Big-Bag» (800 kg)

Grade "B": «Big-Bag»/bags (800 kg/25 kg)

Soda ash of grade "A" is used in the manufacture of glass of all kinds;
in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy: for the production of lead, zinc, tungsten, strontium, chromium, for desulphurisation and dephosphation of pig iron, in the purification of waste gases, for the neutralization of media.

Soda ash of grade "B" is used in the chemical industry for the production of detergents and fatty acids;
in the production of phosphate, chromium, barium, sodium salts as carbonate-containing raw materials, in the production of glycerols, allyl alcohol;
pulp and paper, aniline-paint, paint and varnish and oil industries, as well as a reagent for the treatment of drinking water.